With the news of a baby girl being born recently, I needed to think of a good make-able baby gift.
My first thought: what could be better than a sheep?

My thoughts at this stage: this is by far the ugliest thing I've ever made.

Trimming = funnest part

It was exciting when it started to look less like a lama/lion/hairy beast and more like a sheep. haha.

I thought a matching hat would be good too.
What do you think? Success?


So Rebecca was whining about something a couple of nights ago. My solution? (I'm such a nice sister)
..start blasting you can't always get what you want (I know, glee version. You're disgusted, right?).

Her response was to start singing shut up. Well played, sista.

Anyways, I hadn't even thought of that song in so long. It got me thinking about the music I used to listen to.

I looked up a bunch of songs that I listened to a lot in grade 7/8, 'shut up' included.
Here are some of the ones that came quickly to mind:

sk8er boi
only one
miss you
swing swing
you have my attention
hands down
trouble sleeping
in the shadows
everybody's changing
little things
pieces of me
a thousand miles
where is the love
paperthin hymn

I hadn't heard most of these songs in so long and yet it seems I can still sing all the words. Weird.

There are some pretty interesting tunes in there though. I think my musical taste has changed a bit, definitely for the better (although I have to say.. I still enjoy walking down memory lane with a couple of these artists once in a while. I still like some of them, just not nearly as much as I liked them then)

I like how with music, I can listen to a song that I haven't heard in a long time and be reminded of a very specific time in my life when I listened to it before. It's so strange what random things you can be reminded of.