Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


thanksgiving is yummy.

I saw the recipe here a few weeks ago and thought it looked absolutely amazing.

I didn't quite manage her level of perfection.
but it has character, right?


Driving Rule #1:
do not mix up gas pedal and brake pedal.





I've been wanting to make zucchini bread for a while now. The handful of times that I've had it from various people, I've really liked it. I thought yesterday was a good time to try it out.

So I go to the grocery store but I don't know how much zucchini I'll need.. so I just buy three. Better safe then sorry, right? I then find a recipe and it only call for 1 cup (aka half a zucchini).. leaving me with a lot of extra. What to do?!

Next logical step: go crazy and bake up all kinds of zucchini filled treats!

Long story short, on my first project (chocolate zucchini brownies) I horribly mix up my two bowls of grated zucchini and end up adding a lot more then the recipe calls for (a lot).

Result: picture having a tiny bite of brownie in your mouth (and a soggy one at that) and then taking a bite out of a zucchini. DISASTER.

Feeling slightly less confident but very much more determined, I find a recipe for chocolate zucchini muffins.

Result: meh. I am not very impressed.
To be honest, I think the whole chocolate/zucchini mix wasn't the best idea.

Now I'm sort of glad that I've left the most delicious sounding one for last: (low fat) Lemon Glazed Zucchini Quick Bread.
Here it is, all lemony-iced and beautiful:

Result: YUMM.

Was that boring? Maybe you're just jealous that I have cake and you don't.
..maybe not.

This blog is really funny



I shall wear laughter on my lips
Though in my heart is pain--
God's sun is always brightest after rain.

I shall go singing down my little way
Though in my breast the dull ache grows--
The song birds come again after the snows.

I shall walk eager still for what Life holds
Although it seems the hard road will not end--
One never knows the beauty round the bend!

-Anna Blake Mezquida


a couple of months ago, my well used and loved 30GB ipod classic--that i bought in grade 9 and have used ever since--decided to stop working.
i was faced with the sad truth: time to buy a new one.
so here's my new friend!
how i will ever need 160GB of space, i have no idea, but my only other options were an ipod touch (more $$) or a nano, which wasn't gonna happen (going from a 30GB to a 16GB.. not possible)

he is serving me well so far.


in other news, i'm finally in the process of taking drivers-ed. i finished my forth consecutive 9-3 in class session today. wahoo!
i felt pathetic being there with all the sixteen year olds.
then i realized that the girl next to me was 21.. and felt SLIGHTLY less pathetic.

i'm not so much looking forward to the in-car portion of the lessons. car accidents described in vivid detail over the past few days have not only made me want to be an extremely cautious driver, they also have made me sort of not want to drive PERIOD.
uh. time to toughen up and join the rest of the (driving) world.


bag baby

found this at work yesterday


lemon poppyseed

i haven't posted anything for a long time
so here's a picture of the sunday cake that i made for oma and opa today
(they have cake with their coffee after church and pie for dessert. part of my job is to bake these things every friday. ya, it's pretty tough)

since i had to cut a piece to photograph, i was forced to taste test.
it's DELICIOUS. definitely making that one again


i think smoking is awful
but i found this today and thought it was pretty funny


happy to be cupcakes

i will never make boring icing again!


i just realized how very empty my walls are
they have been since i re-did my room back in october
how very boring.
i mean, these are some beautiful, green, self-painted walls
but still. i think the time has come.


i have realized that self motivation is actually very hard. waffles are amazing and can be eaten at any time of day. imagination is an amazing thing that sometimes needs to be kept in check. having a laptop that is able to play movies and online television is amazing, especially when you're sick in bed for days on end. throwing up 20+ times in 8 hours is a killer workout (that you will feel in your muscles for days later). winter sucks and i am ready for it to END.



I found felt so I made some dinosaurs.

hand sewn with love for two lovely people!


musical soundtracks get me through my days of boring work.