a couple of months ago, my well used and loved 30GB ipod classic--that i bought in grade 9 and have used ever since--decided to stop working.
i was faced with the sad truth: time to buy a new one.
so here's my new friend!
how i will ever need 160GB of space, i have no idea, but my only other options were an ipod touch (more $$) or a nano, which wasn't gonna happen (going from a 30GB to a 16GB.. not possible)

he is serving me well so far.


in other news, i'm finally in the process of taking drivers-ed. i finished my forth consecutive 9-3 in class session today. wahoo!
i felt pathetic being there with all the sixteen year olds.
then i realized that the girl next to me was 21.. and felt SLIGHTLY less pathetic.

i'm not so much looking forward to the in-car portion of the lessons. car accidents described in vivid detail over the past few days have not only made me want to be an extremely cautious driver, they also have made me sort of not want to drive PERIOD.
uh. time to toughen up and join the rest of the (driving) world.