i sort of hate having good dreams
i mean the ones that you wake up from thinking, 'crap. it was only a dream' 
it's like a little trick of your mind. you're fooled into thinking that your wishes have come true, only to be slapped in the face with reality when you wake up. 
this happened last night. 

i have so much reading and memorizing to do. i find that when i have a ton of work to do i get overwhelmed and end up getting next to nothing done. how can i motivate myself?

rumors opens in twenty four days. why does it feel like we haven't even started? i apologize in advance. also, my english ISU being due the same week isn't exactly getting me excited. i really need to get my act together (no pun intended). thesis and outline due thursday.. what the heck am i gonna do. 

BUT--i don't have to worry about finding a prom dress anymore. woohooo


note to self: just because you plugged the straightener in and didn't turn it to on doesn't mean that it wasn't set to on already. 




who would have thought you could get a tour at the fire station at 10pm? 



should clean

should read

should memorize 

should stop ruining my nails when i'm stressed 

should take that lovely wallpaper down 

should be happy about the long weekend. 



so it seems that i am sick, yet again. 
this week just keeps getting better! 

julia nunes is amazing.
also, thanks to my dear sister for the beautiful portrait of me. 



so i've finally joined. 
its kinda weird. 

FM radio-joshua james