please drop out


i was getting sick of being an ostrich. 
sista got skills, eh? 


so i was just listening to the radio and i heard this guy talking about harry potter. naturally, i was intrigued. 

he was talking about how harry potter is has all demonic undertones and things like that. 
harry's lightning bolt scar: apparently the devil came to earth in a lightning bolt. evil harry. 
unicorns: the sign of the anti-christ. harry potter describes them as beautiful!?
they use cauldrons?!
mix potions?!
think of what this all means! 

and then he goes into random tangents that somehow prove his point: who designed kings cross station and the gargoyles on some buildings near there; merlin making invisible armies and the anti christ being even more powerful then him.. and you're thinking, what?

its not like i haven't heard all of this anti-harry potter stuff before, but this guy seems to have a bit crazier ideas. 
anyways, i found it kind of amusing.

"take these books away from your children while you still can!"

ya.. i still think harry potter is awesome. sorry mr 'space man'. 

one of my four summer jobs.