tomorrow is a day for change 


it scares me that i'll be done high school in exactly one month. 
13 more school days, 2 exam days, graduation. 

i know that it wont seem like a big deal to me later, but right now it feels like everything i know and love is ending. the past couple of days have been a big reminder of some of the things im really going to miss. 

now that the play is over, i can no longer put off thinking about university. crap. 

how the heck did i get here so fast?


zero for seven. 
what am i gonna do?


aaaaand the victoria day fireworks have begun. 

im thinking this year's wont be quite the same 




I was told a few weeks back that resting my laptop straight on my stomach is bad for my womb and all that. Ever since, whenever I put it on my stomach without a binder or something in between, I swear I can feel my insides getting damaged. I know that the feeling is all in my head.. but its enough to make me move the laptop elsewhere.